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Thunder Wolf District Merit Badge Volunteer Registration

Thunder Wolf District
Merit Badge Volunteer Registration

A variety of volunteer staff members are needed to make this event a success.

Event Staff: Adults are needed to set up the facilities before the fair starts, handle registration, act as "roamers" to look out for issues that need to be resolved, assist the merit badge counselors, and to help clean-up after the event is over.  Volunteers who work directly with the Scouts must have current Youth Protection Training. YPT can be taken at my.Scouting.org.

Merit badge counselors must have current Youth Protection Training and also be registered with the council as a merit badge counselor. The Scouts will be expected to complete all the requirements as indicated by the Boy Scouts of America. Merit badge counselors should wear their field uniform, if possible. 

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Volunteer preference

Lunch is provided to merit badge counselors. Other volunteers will need to bring their own lunch.

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