Scouting Influencer Patch

Scouting Influencer Patch

We want to reach out to each potential Scout and their family with a personal invitation to join Scouting, where they will learn positive values, new skills and have fun with friends. Our goal is to recruit 3,000 new families in 30 days.

In order to reach this goal, we need our Scouting families to help us relaunch and rebuilding Scouting’s membership using a grassroots social media campaign.

Post pictures or videos of fun Scouting activities to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snap Chat and share what Scouting means to your family. Use #3K30Days #LaunchtheAdventure #RelaunchScouting #InfluenceTheAdventure. Tag us @samhoustonbsa ( ) or @shac.bsa ()

Participation Level Recognition

As a thank you, every Scout or Scouter who posts about Scouting between July 1 - August 31, 2021, will receive an influencer patch (Like button).

Earn More Patches Learn more about how you can earn the recruiter level patch (ring around the like button) and how your unit can earn really cool prizes at shac.org/influencer.

*Unit type
*Where did you post Scouting pictures or videos?
(check all that apply)

*Did you use hashtags? (#3K30Days #LaunchtheAdventure #RelaunchScouting #InfluenceTheAdventure)

*Did you tag the council?

Patch Pick Up

Patches will be available to pick up at the district's September roundtable.  Information about roundtable is available on your district's website.

Most units send a representative to roundtable, so feel free to check with your unit leaders about picking up all the patches for Scouts and Scouters in your unit.