Request Recruiting Fliers

Request Recruiting Fliers

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The membership campaign focuses on recruiting new families to the fun and adventures of Cub Scouting. Begin your planning by attending the district's fall recruiting training in August and spring recruiting training in March typically held at roundtable. Involve all your pack leaders in recruiting by inviting everyone to the training! The council provides a variety of support materials for your pack. Resources: shac.org/recruiting.

For questions, contact the district membership chair or district executive or Jeanne Gebo.

Please order fliers at least two weeks in advance. 

*Pack number
*Unit type

Unit Contact

*Primary Contact Name
Secondary Contact Name:

Recruiting Event Information

*Location (and address) of Recruiting Night Event
*School District

Flier Content

Disclaimers:  Most districts require that a disclaimer be placed on any flyer being distributed through the schools.  Please check the district policy before requesting forms. 

Disclaimer (if needed)
*Cost to join pack
Additional information for flyer, if space is available (the space is very small):

Flier Distribution

When ordering fliers for schools, remember to include kindergarten through fifth grade (about 22 fliers per classroom).

If girls or boys only units, plan on about 15 fliers per classroom (since about half the class is girls or boys).

*Number of flyers needed
Date fliers will be sent home
*Where will the flyers be distributed ?
(e.g., name of church or school)
*How will you pick up fliers (e.g., at roundtable)?

Reminder Cards

Some schools allow a reminder card (invite) to be sent a day or two before the recruiting night event.

*Request invite (reminder) cards?

Scout Talks and Open Houses

Some districts allow Scout talks during the school day.  A Scout Talke is when a member of your unit or the district executive goes into a school or other location and gives a short presentation about Cub Scouts or Scouts BSA and invites the boys and girls to join the program.

*Is your pack conducting Scout Talks?

*Is your unit going to have a presence at an Open House?

Second Recruiting Night

Units are encouraged to hold two recruiting events. The second recruiting event could be held at pack meeting or pack event after the first recruiting event.

"It's not too late to join" fliers are available for second recruiting events.

*Is your pack holding a second recruiting opportunity?

Put Your Unit on the Internet

For many families, the decision to join Scouting is going to start with online engagement. It is vital that parents can find your unit using internet searches. Please make sure your unit completes these steps:

Step 1. Verify unit information on district website

Verify your unit's contact information on your district website. There is a unit page on the toolbar of every district website.  Please make sure your unit’s information is correct.  There is a link at the top of the page to submit corrections to the webmaster. 

The information on this page is important as it shows up in internet searches. Also, fill out our social media survey, so we can help promote your unit.

*District Website - Units Webpage

Step 2. Text to Join webpage

The council utilizes Text to Join (text Cub Scouts to 833-301-1301) that sends parents to a webpage (www.shac.org/join) to help parents easily find units in their school district and join online. 

Please make sure your unit's information is accurate at www.shac.org/join.

*Text to Join webpage

Step 3. BeAScout.org

Make sure your unit’s information is correct on BeAScout.org, a national tool prospective families use to find units to join.

We suggest you list your feeder school(s) and/or church in the description. If your unit does not have a website, refer them to the district website. Unit leaders can update the unit information to make it easy for new Scouting families to find your unit by logging into myscouting.org. Find a complete set of step-by-step instructions on how to update your BeAScout pin in this guide, and/or watch this “Setting Up Your BeAScout Unit Pin” instructional video.

*BeAScout.org website


The goal of recruiting nights is to sign up new Scouts and adult leaders. Packs are asked to avoid the use of PowerPoint presentations because they tend to include too much information, take too much time, and often cause interested families to leave without signing up because they simply can’t stay so long.  Instead, new Cub Scouts and parents should be invited back to a Parent Orientation a week later, which gives the pack an opportunity to share more information about their activities and leadership. 

The key to making any Sign-Up Night successful is advanced planning and preparation, including recruiting a sufficient number of enthusiastic volunteers to help.  A model campsite with a tent, camp chairs, fishing poles, etc. should be to one side of the presenter, so everyone clearly sees some Scouting fun while they’re there!