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Phoenix - Junior Staff Application

Phoenix District Day Camp

Junior Staff Application

*Scout's First Name
*Scout's Last Name
*Troop number
*Will you be able to attend camp every day?

*Age on June 19, 2023?


Troop positions served

*List your strengths and explain how they might be useful at day camp.
Additional Qualifications

Volunteer Roles

Den Chiefs will be assigned to work with a specific Cub Scouts rank, and will likely be assigned to work with one specific den for the entire camp.  They will report to and assist the Adult Program Lead with activities. Prior experience as a Den Chief (Day Camp, Pack) and completion of Den Chief training is preferred.

Troop Guides will work with the Webelos Scouts to help act as Youth Instructors for a Webelos Scouts to Scouts BSA Experience.  Prior experience as a Unit Troop Guide or Instructor is preferred.  They will report to the Webelos Scout Program Lead.  Older Scouts with experience are preferred.

Program Staff: may be assigned to assist with specific program areas (e.g., large group games, range activities, fishing) or will provide extra coverage along with the Den Chiefs where needed.  They will report to an ASPL-Program and/or the Adult Program Leads (Cubmaster, Rangemaster, Games Lead, Program Director, etc.)

Quartermaster:  The QM Team will act as a Service Patrol, and have primary responsibility for setup/teardown of shelters each day, refilling water supplies, setting up equipment, etc.  They will report to an ASPL-Service (QM) and the adult QM.

Key Jr Staff Leader:  Positions will include SPL and various ASPLs (Program, Service, etc.).  Key Junior Staff Leadership positions will be filled through an interview process.
*Volunteer preference - first choice

*Volunteer preference - second choice

Emergency Contacts

*Name of emergency contact

Scoutmaster Contact

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*Have you discussed this role with your Scoutmaster?
*Scoutmaster name or designee


*Do you need any special accommodations?