Instructor Survey: Help Us Help Our Scouts

Instructor Survey

Thank you for volunteering to help our Scouting at Home project.

We will be setting up classes based on your responses below and posting them at www.shac.org/vs and shac.org/scouting-at-home.

We also encourage you to also promote the two webpages to your Scouting contacts.

*BSA ID number
*Current Scouting position(s)
Unit type and number


The instructor determines the date(s), time, and the maximum number of participants.

*Name of class 1

Target audience, if it's not obvious from the type of class. There can be more than one target audience (e.g., parents, leaders, Webelos Scouts, anyone).

Target audience

Schedule: We recommend scheduling classes for at least two weeks out, but we can do them sooner.

Classes can be completed on one day or over several days (e.g., 1 hour class over 2-5 days).

*Start and end time

Max Class Size: For merit badge classes, we recommend max class sizes around 15 (some classes need to be smaller and some can be a little bigger). For Cub Scout STEM/Nova classes, we recommend a max of 10. 

For adult training classes and fun classes, the limit can be 100 (the max size that our Zoom account allows).

*Max class size

Prerequisites. For merit badges and STEM/Nova, list any prerequisites or items that won't be completed online (e.g., #2, 3a, 5b). We will provide a direct link to merit badge class requirements with all the requirements, so we only need the numbers not covered.

Supplies.  Some classes might require that the participant have some supplies.

Prerequisites or supplies needed
*Add another class?

Video Conferencing App

The free version of Zoom limits classes to 40 minutes. If you do not have a professional account, we can set up a meeting for you.

*Video Conferencing App

Trainer Questions

BSA Registration: All instructors must be registered with the BSA and have current YPT. Merit badge counselors must be a registered merit badge counselor for the class they are teaching.  STEM/Nova instructors must be registered as a STEM/Nova counselor. Guest lecturers can be invited to help instruct.

*Are you a currently registered leader with BSA?
*Is your Youth Protection Training (YPT) current?
*Have you taken Trainer's EDGE?
*Have you done group instruction before?

Allowable changes: See BSA’s update on the only changes allowed to requirements during the pandemic: www.scouting.org/covid-19-faq/.



  1. Ensures two deep leadership compliance and allows instructor to focus on teaching
  2. While the moderator does not need to be familiar with the contents of the class, they should practice and be comfortable utilizing the online platform (e.g., Zoom) and features so they can assist the instructor.
  3. Present during each session of an online class to assist the instructor in facilitating online instruction
    a. Moderator and instructor will need to begin the class approximately 15 minutes prior to the actual start of the class and to ensure a smooth class environment
    b.   Moderator and instructor are the last two individuals in the class and/or the class is ended while moderator and instructor are online (there is never an instance where either the moderator or instructor are in the class by themselves)
  4. “Co-hosts" the online class (e.g., monitor chat for inappropriate content, help facilitate questions to the instructor)
  5. Takes attendance and monitors Scouts to make sure they are actively participating.
  6. Monitors the group chat for questions. When there is a question that needs to be addressed by the instructor, the moderator can unmute and ask the instructor the question.
  7. Report any specific issues to event chair.
  8. Send chat text file to instructor after each class for instructor to do appropriate offline communications with students.
  9. Reach out to instructor prior to class to get any specific instructions/needs from instructor.


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