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Coastal Plains Award Nomination Forms

Coastal Plains District Award Nomination

Help us recognize Scouters who have served Coastal Plains District youth above and beyond the call of duty. Awards are presented at the district dinner

The nomination is confidential. To avoid possible disappointment, please do not advise the nominee in any way of your action in his or her behalf. Please make an effort to invite Scouters to the district dinner. Be creative in ensuring the nominee will attend.

Nomination Forms

It is my pleasure to submit the following nomination to the district awards committee for consideration:

  • Certificate of Appreciation (for individuals or organizations outside of Scouting who have supported the Scouting within the district)
  • Coastal Plains Award (for Scouters who have actively supported and participated in most district activities over an extended period of time and given substantial leadership)
  • District Award of Merit (for individuals who render noteworthy service to youth in and/or outside of Scouting)
  • Family of the Year Award (for families who exemplifies contributions of noteworthy service)
  • Unit Service Award (submitted by the unit key 3 for Scouters who have made meaningful contributions to support the unit)
  • Jerry Vyvial Gator Award (for Scouters who have provided commendable service to the district over an extended period of time)
  • Walter Meyer Commissioner Award (for a commissioner who has provided outstanding service to their units and the district)
  • Cub Scout of the Year Award
  • Scout of the Year Award (for a Scout in a troop, crew or troop)
  • Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award

Multiple nominations can be submitted and are helpful to the committee only if they provide different information. Nominees in different Scouting positions can provide additional information, various perspectives and different examples to support the nomination. Identical nominations, submitted by different people do not help the committee or give the nominee a better chance of getting an award.