NYLT Staff Interviews - July 2023

NYLT Staff Interviews - July 2023
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Last Day To Register
7/28/2023 11:30 PM
Cockrell Scout Center, 2225 North Loop West
Houston, TX 77008, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

NYLT Staff Search

Staffing an NYLT course is a lot of fun, but also requires dedication to hard work and preparation. If you at are least 14 years old, and will not be 21 years old by the start of a course, enjoyed NYLT, and want to make sure other Scouts have the same rewarding experience, then staffing may be for you. 

The Youth Training Committee is pleased to offer an interview date for those who are interested in staffing NYLT. 

Interviews will be held on August 13, 2022, at the Cockrell Scout Center (2225 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77008).

Checklist for Staff Search:

❑ Complete this registration.

❑ Wear the BSA field uniform for your program.
❑ Prepare a 5-minute oral presentation on one of the topics introduced at NYLT (e.g., four stages of team development, conflict resolution, making ethical decisions).  Bring necessary props for your presentation (AV technology will not be available).
❑ Participate in a 6-8 minute interview with an experienced NYLT staff about your experiences since NYLT.
The applicant's results will be made available to the NYLT Scoutmasters. Youth will not be aware of any evaluation or assessment for their presentation and interview but may attend future Staff Search dates if they feel their performance might improve.

NOTE: Youth staff must have completed the Trainer's EDGE course before serving as an NYTL staff member. Trainer's EDGE is held at University of Scouting.  

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