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Get Ready for Full Throttle

Febryary 23-25, 2024

We are looking forward to seeing your unit at Camp Strake in two weeks.

It's time to sign up your Scouts for their classes and program areas.

Scouts can select:

  • two 1.5-hour program areas

  • one 4-hour merit badge

When Scouts are not participating in a program area, the unit leadership is responsible for their Scouts. Camp staff/volunteers will provide leadership in the program areas.

Sometimes we have a few Scouts that only want to attend merit badge classes. Please only sign up Scouts for only one merit badge as spaces fill up for popular merit badge classes. After February 22nd, Scouts who do not want to participate in the program areas can sign up for a second class. We will likely delete any Scouts registered for 2 classes before 2/22/24.

We have 18 spots for ATVs. When you sign up Scouts for ATVs, they will be placed on a waitlist. Names will be randomly drawn and released from the waitlist on Monday. Scouts must be age 14+ and complete the prerequisites before the event (1.5 hr online video). See the website for details.

Full Throttle Website

Registration Portal

The program portal in the online registration system (Doubleknot) will go live on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 8:00 am.

Names and BSA ID numbers can be entered early to help speed up the registration process.

Th Scout's first and last name must match Scoutbook and the BSA ID must be accurate in order for their advancements to show in Scoutbook. Please pull a roster from Scoutbook to ensure accurate information.

Program Portal Goes Live



8:00 am

After the event, the council will upload merit badge requirements completed at camp directly into Scoutbook. The person that registered the unit will also be able to log into Doubleknot to see advancements. This will be helpful if the BSA or name is entered incorrectly or if the unit doesn't use Scoutbook.

Program Selection Form

Program Selection Form

An optional program selection form is available for units to use to help compile the Scouts preferences. Before printing or emailing, insert the contact information, due date, and any additional instructions at the bottom of the page.

Program Selection Form

How to Use the Program Portal: The adult that registered the unit will need to add the program selections. To update, modify the registration, and/or add the Scout's schedule (program areas), by going to (instructions). Be sure to use the same login as you used to register. Program sessions that are full will not show up in the registration system.  Support

What to Bring

What to Bring

Read about what to bring, and more at

What to Bring
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