Training Self-Update 2013

Training Self-Update 2013
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 Individual Training Records Update

MyScouting (www.MyScouting.org) has recently added a new feature to its menu – “Training Validation.”  Through this feature, Scouters are able to view a list of all training records in their member ID that have been entered into ScoutNet.

As you view this list, you may find that courses you have completed are missing. There are many reasons why this could have happened – multiple member IDs, illegible training reports, district training reports not being turned in, or simply human error.  Whatever the reason, you now have an opportunity to help us update your records.

First, make sure that you have entered your member ID  into your MyScouting profile.  This will insure that future courses are automatically sent to the training database.  Next, simply select the courses that are missing from your record and provide us a date of when you took the course.  We do not need to see your card – a Scout is trustworthy.  If you have lost your card, estimate the date as best you can.  A complete date is required to enter a course completion into the database.

Please use this tool to enter training that is NOT showing on your MyScouting.org account.

To complete this form you will need the following information:

  • BSA Member ID#
  • First Name as listed on your BSA Adult Leader Application
  • Last Name as listed on your BSA Adule Leader Application
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Training Courses to Update

 Please note that if you need to enter training for more than one program area you may have to finish one type (i.e.: Cub Scout Training), then log back into the site and enter training from a different program area (i.e.: Boy Scout Training).

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